Road transportation



Modern cargo transportation – it’s clear, structured process, which allows the delivery of all possible required goods in strict deadlines. Among all types of cargo transportation, the most common one is road transportation, regarding the fact that car will allow to be in any place.


As a rule, automobile transportation is one of the part of multimodal cargo delivery. However, auto haulage can be independent way to transport goods, in some cases-it can be the only one.





Benefits of auto haulage:




These advantages are vital for domestic transportation on long distances. LLC “Nafta-Trans”’ specialists will take your wishes into account, suggest the most suitable route of transportation, will consult you regarding all questions you have and will give all available information. Our employees will help to choose the right car type, fill out all documents for you on domestic note, would consult you regarding the form of the documents of cargo.




Benefits of being a partner with «Nafta-Trans»: