Oversized cargoes



Transporting cargo, which is overweight, has the displaced center of gravity, dimensions exceeding the standards what makes the process of transshipment harder to realize and to solve that problem is the responsibility of qualified experts.


For every single different case, they are working on unique plan of transshipment. During the process of preparation for the transportation, experts choose the most appropriate vehicle, regarding the weight and size of the cargo, find right route, find the right way to stitch cargo, which allows to stabilize cargo physically.





Rules of transporting oversized cargo

The most common ones are:



Transportation oversized and overweight cargo will be possible only with collaboration with specific acceptance, received by vehicle companies in tight period of time. The agreement of acceptance will be given only for one period of time, or for the transportation of 1-3 months. To get this acceptance, there will be an application form, which involves information about all parameters regarding cargo, specific ATS and etc.

During receiving the acceptance there will be a consensus about route and ATS with special departments related to that route. It is usually 2-20 days given for the agreement.




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LLC «Nafta-Trans» will make transshipment of oversized cargo to be on professional level and would organize the storage appropriately. Further services are suggested: